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Zachary W. Henderson, A.I.A.


Zachary W. Henderson, the head of our dream team, has been a registered architect since 1965.  Zac is a native of Atlanta and has created projects around the world.  His deep personal interest in our history has provided the foundation for a number of noteworthy historical projects in preservation, restoration and recreation.  His simple Georgia roots and being the son of a blacksmith have ingrained in him a deep love for horses and the natural environment.  This love of horses is the basis for his lifelong second career of raising, training and showing Palomino Quarter horses.  Zac's love of the natural environment has undergirded his leadership in eco-friendly projects for his entire career.  His personal horse farm design won national recognition in 1979 for innovative applications of passive solar elements, energy-conserving uses of natural ventilation, creative uses of natural materials and wind power.


Today, he and his wife, Lynne, adopt and care for horses rescued from bad situations.